Silicone Gel


As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Triana uses Silicone Gel to effectively reduce, soften, flatten and smooth scars. These new polymers form an “Invisible Bandage,” protecting exposed nerve endings and thus reducing the need for systemic pain medications.

Silicone Gel’s active ingredient removes free oxygen radicals from the site of the wound and, at the same time, creates an elastic layer that prohibits contact between the wound and its external environment. This prevents the wound from becoming contaminated and speeds the healing process. Silicone Gel has been developed into an easy-to-use topically applied gel. These new “self-Bonding Polymers” form a long lasting mono molecular layer of a vapor-permeable protective barrier that keeps the protected tissues well hydrated and well oxygenated, while resisting bacterial and fungal colonization and growth. 

How It Works

Silicone gel contains long chain silicone polymer (polysiloxanes). These long chain silicone polymers cross link with silicone dioxide. It spreads as an ultra thin sheet and works 24 hours per day. It has a self -drying technology and itself dries within 4-5 minutes. It has been reported to be effective and produce 86% reduction in texture, 84% in color and 68% in height of scars. Silicon gel increases hydration of stratum corneum and thereby facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and reduction in collagen production. It results into softer and flatter scar. It allows skin to "breathe".It protects the scarred tissue from bacterial invasion and prevents bacteria-induced excessive collagen production in the scar tissue. Silicone gel reduces itching and discomfort associated with scars.

Apply to skin in a thin layer. Use sparingly.